The Geronimo has a standard instrument 6-pack arrangement with electroluminescent light rings for night flight.  The GPS is a Garmin 430 with current instrument approach database, and an auxiliary terrain warning GPS is provided by an Aspen MFD that replaces the VSI instrument.  A Garmin 340 four-place intercom allows communications between the student pilot and instructor, and passengers in the back seats.  A one-piece windshield and Rosen sun visors, plus additional windows in the luggage compartment, provide excellent visibility. 

The Geronimo has retractable landing gear, of course, and four redundant hydraulic systems are provided to insure that the gear will go up and especially down when needed.  The primary system is the engine-driven hydraulic pump, and the first backup is provided by an STC'd electric/hydraulic pump controlled by a microswitch in the gear handle slot of the throttle quadrant.  PA-23s also have a backup manual pump in the throttle quadrant and a CO2 blow-down bottle as a last resort.

Geronimo 1463P is unique because it has working de-ice boots operated by a lightweight nitrogen reservoir contained in the tail section of the aircraft.  Although not approved for known-icing conditions, it is a comfort in winter weather.

The engines provide redundant alternators and vacuum pumps.  The props do not have the prop ADs common to Apaches and Aztecs.